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About Us

Neutralvibe is a creative marketing and communications agency that ideates a powerful presence for its clients. Our organic approach to marketing combines a disciplined brand strategy with an expressive understanding of research, culture and vision.

Our experts work with Kellogg's, Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment Labatt, iToys, Activision, Intel, Kraft, Microsoft, and others. We manage global marketing strategies with millions of customer contacts to drive renewed interest in brands, products and services. We have partnered parallel brands to provide exciting new offerings with the intent of getting products into the hands of enthusiasts - who live and share with targeted core interests.

Neutralvibe capabilities include Creative, Media, Events, Promotional, Sponsorship, Product Packaging/Seeding/Placement, Partner Development, Public Relations and Digital/Interactive. Additional expertise lie in Community Development, Product Enhancement, Technology, MarCom, and Entertainment.

Neutralvibe welcomes you to join them for a nexus meeting, where the next big idea is you...